2 Hungry Bros, Homeboy Sandman - Senile Chef

Producer extraordinaires Deep and Ben Boogz aka the 2 Hungry Bros are back in action with their new full length album “Senile Chef”. Along for the ride is their frequent collaborator, Homeboy Sandman. Behind some of Sandman’s timeless classics such as “The Carpenter”, “The Essence” and “Mine All Mine”, the 2 Hungry Bros have dug across dimensions to make beats fit for the golden age and of the now. Live from the concrete zoo with land of lakes beats, buttery smooth, the Senile Chef cooks up marvelous songs of self worth and understanding, plus the ultra super duper rhymes and stylings they’re both known for. Underground legends of the big apple, 2 Hungry Bros and Homeboy Sandman are a combo as good as glazed donuts and cheeseburgers. “Senile Chef” releases in full on November 5th, but while you stare at your microwave counting down the seconds until then, enjoy the lead single, “Sun Worship” right now.

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Artwork by @nickzomo_art
Design by @heyitsmister

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