38 Spesh, 1000 Words - 1000 Words

Throughout Hip-Hop’s history there has been a number of photographers that have taken it upon themselves to document a specific region or epoch…or both. From Jamel Shabazz to Ricky Powell to Estevan Oriol, the subculture has been perfectly captured by some outstanding talents. Enter 1000Words. This strictly Polaroid photog has been chronicling the resurgence of Golden Era Hip-Hop one rapper at a time. The Bronx shutterbug is at every event in NYC that matters and his M.O. is getting candid shots of artists and having them sign the photos. These pics have become a sought-after stamp of approval for vets and up-n-comers alike. In fact, they have even been used for album covers by major players like Big Ghost Ltd. and Conway.

Having built up his reputation, his connects, and a massive collection of Polaroids, this tenacious creative has turned his attention to putting out an album spotlighting some of his favorite new emcees. The line-up includes Eto, CRIMEAPPLE, Axel Leon, Daniel Son, Flee Lord, G4 JAG, Pounds, Vic Spencer, Rasheed Chappell, The Musalini, Nems FYL, Asun Eastwood, Rome Streetz, and Nature. And while Words handles executive producer duties on this compilation, he’s partnered with the King of Upstate, 38 Spesh, to fully produce the project.

In short, 1000Words has pulled together a must-have collection of songs, that like his pictures, capture an important moment in time.

Produced by 38 Spesh
Executive produced by 1000Words and 38 Spesh Album art by FRKO

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