67th Infantry (Clever 1, Grand Scheme) - Stampede of Equestrianz

Grilchy Party is back with more incredible flyness for your ears.This time Da Buze Bruvaz own, HIM LO, steps into the role of executive producer presenting a full length album introducing his team the 67TH INFANTRY..The group consists of the Supreme rhyme writers, Clever 1, his long time BUZE BRUVAZ rhyme partner and the addition of impeccable rhyme catalyst emcee GRAND SCHEME.The album titled: “STAMPEDE OF EQUESTRIANZ” This masterfully well-crafted artwork for your eardrums, sticks to their hardcore script. Da Buze Bruvaz take it up a notch with the inclusion of Grand Scheme, with the usual, rugged ‘n raw, hard hitting, jaw splitting, elegant street talk that we all know and love from the unsober gun holders. It’s an LP full of the barbarian bar rap that their fans expect and appreciate. The project features production from in-house producers such as Production Genius WINO WILLY, High exalted Grand Architect and Master Builder of sound structures GIALLO POINT, the ever elusive Dark ninja of terrorist tracks LORD BEATJITZU…and newest member of the Grilchy Party team, Canadian Sound Sorcerer SENZ BEATS.The album also includes 2 tracks from independent producer STRETCH THE MAD SCIENTIST and is Limited to only one outside feature from the world famous graff writer and talented emcee, ENEM SKI.

HIM LO Presents The 67th Infantry
(Stampede of Equestrianz)
Featuring Clever 1 and Grand Scheme

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