A-Plus, The Architect - Cold Country

After the prior release of the “FREE DOPE” “CHAMBER GAMES” and “BLVCK SWITZERLVND” projects, all released during the “COVID Year of 2020”, A-Plus and The Architect felt it was only right to end the year in the same pure and gritty way that they started it with, but with some holiday fun. A-Plus and The Architect now present “Cold Country”. Yes, it’s gritty. Yes, it’s imperfect, and yes it’s nothing but Hip-Hop. Chris Riggins brings the humor. DU-O brings the chops. A-Plus and The Architect bring the bread. Their gritty music matches the grittiest year we all have ever seen. With lack of polish on purpose, their music has purpose. We hope you can enjoy and learn from it. BIG THANKS to Nicolagypsycola, Kurious, 2Krazi, IMANI, Cochise, Del the Funky Homosapien, Notic, Cold Showda, Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Tajai, DU-O, Chris Riggins, Fanatik and every supporter whom we love, for an awesome year. Enjoy our offering please! Thank You! To Fans and Supporters, THANK YOU!!! 2021 here we come!!!

Beats by The Architect
Lyrics by A-Plus
Hosted by Chris Riggins
Background Vocals by DU-O
Mixed and Mastered by The Architect
Art Direction and Photos by Nicolagypsicola

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