AKAI SOLO, Navy Blue - True Sky

True Sky is essentially an evaluation of what pursuing anything/freedom entails. The costs of the undertaking and the consequences it has on one’s world. The truth of the matter is nothing is as it seems but that hardly matters when any sliver of liberation is at stake. If it costs one their connections, previous perceptions of the lay of the planet and its plan. Is that worth it? When confronted with that potential what is the response? Is one’s yearning true? Is one’s suffering genuine? Or a farce? Is the freedom a ruse? If so is pursuing it pointless? Nothing can escape this evaluation. A sort of existential check-in that in my opinion everyone stumbles into whether consciously or unconsciously.

Raps by yours truly, featuring navy blue
Produced by navy blue
Mixed and mastered by Wavy Bagels

Vinyl pre-order via diggersfactory.com

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