AKAI SOLO - Ride Alone, Fly Together

he progression of enduring struggle and pursuing a pure freedom has led us here. This one is the culmination of everything awkward within the world and people that I have observed. Death to naïveté. The ideal does not always align in reality. How does one reconcile that? It varies with every person I figure but the core concept present in my opinion is adaptability. Harnessing that fluidity is imperative to make it to the climax of this chaos. It will change you. If you weren’t meant to you’d have withstood the initial conflict in the first place. Once an impression has been made, you’ve been breached. What’s happening inside? The status of those wounds? Hmmm…yeah. Onwards towards sharpening to maximize utility in all realms by any means necessary. Hyper peace and love to everyone involved for enduring this storm. Y’all helped this find a centered conclusion in the end. I just transcribed. Only forward.
Peace and power to Tase Grip for better or worse.

Raps by AKAI SOLO, Lungs, & Pink Siifu
Production by David Earle, iblss, Roper Williams, iiye, FlowClark, rbchmbrs, & Ahwlee
Mixed and Mastered by donSMITH
Album Art Front by Rob Gibsun
Album Art Back by Reem Unknown

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