Akil Pratt, K1NG ELJAY - Perfect Timing

A Standing 8 idea that turned into something more.

Akil Pratt and K1NG ELJAY present “Perfect Timing”, a project that was written in seven days. With Akil helming the production side of things and splitting microphone duties with ELJAY, the two deliver eight tracks that show off their abilities while making quality music that you can play for whatever mood you’re in.

Now that’s out of the way, I had fun creating this with Akil, and I’m glad we get this opportunity. It’s really perfect timing how it all happened; hopefully that translates to the music for you. Enjoy.

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All writing done by K1NG ELJAY and Akil Pratt
All production and mastering done by Akil Pratt

  • artwork photo by Sarita Lee
  • artwork edit by Melvin Burch
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