All Hail Y.T., Benji Socrate$ - Deluxe Drugz Collection

The Deluxe Drugz Collection consists of Volumes 1-3, remixed & digitally remastered. Y.T. went back in the studio and meticulously updated vocals and even recorded a new hidden verse. The order of the songs have been “shuffled” for a more pleasurable listening experience. The Collection also contains 2 previously unreleased records. The art work is curated by the legendary “Stab Master Arson”, Ivan Merlin.

Look for a 2 LP Limited Edition vinyl set in Late July. Sales will begin when product is hand. Limited cassette tape and C.D. bundles will also be available. Only 100 units will be sold.

Production entirely by Benji Socrate$
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by All Hail Y.T. for The Art House
All songs and recordings written by All Hail Y.T. (except features).
Art Direction Ivan Merlin

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