Amerigo Gazaway, DJ DN³ - Radical Dreamers

Introducing ‘Radical Dreamers’ by emcee Amerigo Gazaway and producer DJ DN³ – an album that ignites the flame of radical pursuit and encapsulates the essence of chasing one’s dreams fearlessly.

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With a title inspired by the treasure-seeking bandits from the game ‘Chrono Cross’, this album weaves together melodic hip-hop beats, razor-sharp lyricism, the allure of gaming, and the profound longing to fulfill one’s aspirations. The album boasts features from Mega Ran as well as SkyBlew, and is a perfect blend of nostalgia for hip hop fans, gamers and lovers of retro JRPGs alike.

“Creating ‘Radical Dreamers’ has been a dream in itself, and DN3 has provided the perfect soundtrack for me to channel my innermost thoughts and aspirations. This album represents a fusion of my love for gaming and hip-hop, and it’s a tribute to those who dare to dream radically.” - Amerigo Gazaway

“Linking up with one of the most accomplished remix artists in Hip-Hop was such an amazing thing for me. Amerigo’s expressions, ear, and passion for that classic sound are what Hip-Hop and gaming fans, like myself, have been waiting for.” - DJ DN³

With ‘Radical Dreamers,’ Amerigo Gazaway and DJ DN³ deliver an album that champions the audacity to dream and encourages radical pursuit. It ignites the fire within listeners to chase their dreams relentlessly, inspiring them to embrace the power of imagination and creative exploration. This musical masterpiece intertwines jazzy hip-hop beats, gaming nostalgia, and profound introspection, inviting listeners to embrace their dreams, seek change, and embark on timeless adventures.

Written & Performed by Amerigo Gazaway
Produced by DJ DN³
*Tracks 1, 6, 11 & 12 Produced by Amerigo Gazaway

Special Guest Features:

Vocals written & performed by Mega Ran (track 4):

Vocals written & performed by SkyBlew (track 8):

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