ANKHLEJOHN, Big Ghost Ltd - Van Ghost

Mfs done played all that other shit out by callin anything n everything “art”.. or “classics”.. or “fire”.. etc. Yall need some new adjectives b. If you feel this shit is directed at you its cuz you already doubt ya own stupid ass words. You kno in ya heart you gassin ya little gullible ass fan base forreal. The ones I fuck wit already kno its love.. Im only addressing the flagrant little cornballs wit these words right now. Yall can ride the waves but yall cant move the tides n create those waves b. This is real ass art rap. If you never painted the cover to your own shit dont even talk to me bout your art.

Produced by Big Ghost Ltd
All Instruments by Hector Puente Colon Jr & The Santiago Men’s Basketball Philharmonic Orchestra
Cover Painting by Big Ghost

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