Apollo - Apocalypse

Written by: Nate ‘Knew-Balance’ Whitsell

Apollo ushers in the Apocalypse which seems the next logical phase in an already abhorrent 2020. Apollo’s words on each track carry the weight of his provenance, Baltimore, Maryland, and roll off his tongue with the laissez-faire of his now-home, San Diego, California. The avid wordsmith wields his lexicon to take on social, political, and religious fallacies, and leaves a trail of dead hypocrites in his wake. The Apocalypse EP feels like a warning shot, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Apollo was preparing to drop off his next project from atop a pale, white horse.

The project is his follow-up to The Blue Collar EP, which he released last year, and it features a host of other lyrics-forward emcees: Miskeen Haleem, Che Noir, Supreme Cerebral, Banish Habitual, and Bubu the Prince. It may be San Diego’s uncomfortably warm Indian summer season, but Apollo is preparing us for winter with this cold piece of work.

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