August Fanon, Defcee - We Dressed the City with Our Names

Inspired by Tony Silver’s 1983 documentary, Style Wars.

Dedicated to Toaster, SKECH185, SLLIME64, SolarFive, Qwel, Bigg Jus, and all the writers who shaped the craft for us.
Just a kid growing up all you see is crime in the city. Tragic, magic… just beautiful. Alive.

Produced in it’s entirety by August Fanon.
Written and performed by Defcee.

Mixed by August Fanon and Serious Beats.
Mastered by Serious Beats.

Art by Rahsaan “Sean One CBS” Hawkins and no.pulp.
Layout and Design by Rahsaan “Sean One CBS” Hawkins.

Executive produced by Daryl Stewart.

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