Big Ghost Ltd - Carpe Noctem

Carpe Noctem [kahr-pey nok-tuh m]

„seize the night” in Latin or, in other words, “live tonight like there is no tomorrow.”

This aint no compilation… YOU GOTTA CREW YOU BETTER TELL EM!

All instrumentation by the infamous Hector Puente Colon Jr & The Santiago Men’s Basketball Philharmonic Orchestra

Carpe Noctem aka The Big East is: Rome Streetz, Estee Nack, Rigz, Mooch, Rahiem Supreme, Recognize Ali, Asun Eastwood, Crimeapple (aka Spider-Man to the Avengers), & “Skit Gawd” Lukey Cage

Guilty by association:
Daniel Son, Al Divino, & Ty Farris

Art Direction & Design by Jelle Smid

Polaroids by 1000Words
Polaroid Artwork by Tony Caves
With special thanks to Maria Hernandez for birthing a legend.

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