billy woods, Messiah Musik - Church

Church is the new project from billy woods, produced entirely by longtime Armand Hammer collaborator Messiah Musik. The album is a tightly wound exploration of memory and faith, marijuana and fate, the price of love and the cost of doing business. Equal parts memoir and sativa-tinged fever dream, Church moves from Jamaica, Queens to Trelawny, Jamaica, Chernobyl to Morningside Heights without missing a beat. Guests include ELUCID (Armand Hammer), AKAI SOLO, Fat Ray (Bruiser Brigade), and Fielded. As we stand now in the twilight of prohibition, Church is a dedication to those who thrived, died, or barely survived under its long shadow—an ode to a city that is long gone and to old friends whose real names we never knew.

All songs produced by Messiah Musik, except Fever Grass, which was co-produced by billy woods
All lyrics written by billy woods except where noted
Executive produced by billy woods
Engineered by Steel Tipped Dove
Mixed and mastered by Willie Green @ The Greenhouse
Photography by Alexander Richter
Design by Ashes57

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