Blass 89, DeleteeGlitch - This Is Fine, Too

“This is Fine, Too” by Blass 89 and Deleteeglitch

“Another day in paradise, another soul gone…”

  • Blass 89
    “Oh, to be different…”
  • Deleteeglitch

This is Fine, Too, the sequel to duo Blass 89 & Deleteeglitch’s 1st effort, sees the jaded worldview and frustrated punching bag lyricism expounded upon, as the world expands to include guests Bloo Azul and Sleep Sinatra. Blass’s matter-of-fact observational performance alongside Glitch’s frantic paranoid production make for a one of one listening experience that’s sure to scald faces off.

All songs were written and performed by Blass 89 except where features are credited.
All songs were produced, mix & mastered by DeleteeGlitch.
Cover art and design by NCK.

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