Bloodmoney Perez - Time Capsule (2013​-​2021)

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This one has been a long time coming. Bloodmoney Perez, an extremely talented MC from the Pacific Northwest, has been a friend of the label since day one back in 2014. He has been rapping far longer than that, garnering international praise for his gruff and unorthodox flow. This is a mini-anthology of songs, in their full rough/rugged/raw glory, much like the artist himself in 2021. No-frills, often unsettling, slap-yourself-in-the-face hip hop spanning several years.
Get to know Bloodmoney Perez if you’ve been sleeping.
Thanks to Ashley A. Moore for art/design on this one!
And the biggest thanks/hugs to Bloodmoney, one of the realest in this whole mess we’re all in together <3

Bloodmoney Perez:
Messiah Musik:
Iceberg Theory:
Is well and busy, out in the woods ;)
Remastered lightly by MJC for FBR Mastering

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