Borvoe McMidnite - Powerlines

As soon as you press play on Borvoe McMidnite’s Powerlines, you’re dragged into a world unlike any other. It’s where his eclectic loops and samples thrive — the keys on “Pyrotechnics’’ trickle down from the sky, softly landing on top of the muted drums & strings. Borvoe’s lyrics are layered riddles, their meanings only revealed with careful close listening. On “Exodus,” his skills as an MC are thrust into the spotlight. Like a superhero jumping from rooftop to rooftop, silhouetted by the moonlight, the subtle beauty of Powerlines will leave you dazzled.

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Peace, this is Borvoe McMidnite. You don’t know me, well you do, but didn’t notice you have for most of your time among this planet. That’s another story, chill until. Luckily, you’re reading this to have an understanding of “Powerlines”, my official debut album. Exciting, right? Re-read the previous sentence if needed. If all good, follow along.

I’d rather summarize it up for you all so; this album is ridiculously thoughtful, composed and sleek. What can I say? I can’t help but make these types of musical works. The inspiration for the title came from a few distinct avenues. One being the state of what most people in the Hip Hop (underground included) community choose to push forward; a lot of fake gangsters and fake conscious vocalists. I respect it only because, do you, I guess. Although, the real ones do it effortlessly, no words spoken on it. That’s a nod to the true school, not the current robot crowded lessons.

Back to the title, “Powerlines”. We all see what’s being presented to our public as far as the news, media and various outlets that provide this untrustworthy information. Are you still following? Ok, look. I’m speaking for people that grew in the more real parts of their towns or cities, what we call the hood. As we crawl deeper into the future, the hoods have less and less examples of progress, let alone someone speaking empowerment to the locals. That’s crazy to me, for real. Every opportunity we get as adults, should be used to verbally knock some sense into the upcoming generations. We don’t know what will be available for them in the next 5, 10, 20 years. Your children are included, pal!

I’m using this album, “Powerlines” to speak on empowerment, knowledge of self and overall mental growth for those who come from less fortunate backgrounds. I was once told, “when you improve your everyday vocabulary, your everyday settings will do so as well”. That’s basically saying, speak more highly of yourself and your colleagues, you’ll find frequented locations to improve. Better locations are places for focus, to enjoy yourself and to grow. Not every place promotes growth, remember that. It also means a lot more, but you catch my drift.

Lastly, “Powerlines” is filled with electrifying verses and energetic beats. I’m “The MC of the Night”, you know the bars are stellar. Best of the West, no contest. Anyway, there are also some great artists featured on the album. You thought I was gonna list them? Nope! Go listen to it, you’ll be more than satisfied. Ladies and Gentlemen, Nite Crusaders®️ presents “Powerlines”.

“The MC of the Night” Borvoe McMidnite

Written / Performed by: Borvoe McMidnite
Beats / Production by: ΔMofNRP
Features by: Noah Frank, Tone Spliff, Bodyping, Dion, & Sully Nomad
Art Direction by: Nite Crusaders®

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