Brainorchestra - Big Brain (+ Euro Tour '22)


Over the years, Brainorchestra has cemented himself in the underground hip hop world as a catalyst to independent artistry. Since 2019, Brain has been releasing vinyl under himself with no label & keeping the pace into 2022. To begin the new year & the world opening back up, he sets to release his debut full length self-produced 16-track album ‘Big Brain’. Along with him is features from the likes of Lord Jah Monte Ogbon, The Musalini, Dre Doso & more.

In February 2020, Brainorchestra finished touring Texas & was silently planning a tour in Europe for the summer. Once the pandemic crept in, those plans dissipated. He decided to lock in & create as much as possible. It was a moment of clarity for him, showing that things can go as fast as they come & sometimes the right time isn’t always now. Over 2020 until autumn of 2021, Brainorchestra made over 700+ beats / 200+ songs & invited countless amounts of artists from around the US to come to his studio & work.

With ‘Big Brain’ being made over the span of pre-pandemic until now - Brainorchestra sets a new personal tone as a producer & writer, further exposing is influence from art & his world of hardships, hustle, gratitude & growth to portray his daily life musically. He considers ‘Big Brain’ to be a magnum opus in his career. The album originally was a 12 track piece, with another 14 track album that was on ice for the future. Overtime, the pandemics shut down & restrictions allowed him to further dwell into the meaning of these songs & projects, combining them to ultimately make a full LP for the 1st time.

Fast forward to now, ‘Big Brain’ will be releasing February 10th 2022 everywhere music is available with a limited edition 300 pressings on vinyl. He will also be touring the album in Europe towards the end of February, circling back to his original plan from 2020 with a much greater purpose.

Recording, Producing, Mixing & Mastering : Brainorchestra
Tape Mastering : The Lullabye Factory
Artwork : Mass Turd

Guest Features : Butch Dawson, Jah Monte Ogbon, The Musalini, Izzy Hott, Dre Doso, Skunkz

Euro Tour:

Catch Brainorchestra in Europe in March 2022 (click image for more infos) 👇

Brainorchestra Euro Tour March 2022

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