Buff1 - Ghosting II

Since doing Ghosting in 2010, I knew I wanted to do a second one, just to solidify where the concept came from. In case anyone decided to do something similar, I would have 2 editions out in the universe. I never found the time to get to it as the years passed though. Once it hit 7 or 8 years since the first one, I decided to just wait for the 10 year anniversary to do the second one.

I had a couple of the songs to Ghost over picked for years, others came in 2020. I didn’t have any lyrics though. The inspiration to write came when I learned about the murder of activist Oluwatoyin Salau. I wrote and recorded all of the songs the weekend of June 20th and 21st. If there seems to be a common theme or feel to some of the lyrics, that’s the reason why.

“Mean” was a random song I did with Tone a couple years ago, and I just did “Prototype Freestyle” a couple weeks ago. My bro KT hipped me to a video of a speech Jazzy Jeff made when he was at one of the Playlist Retreats, in the speech Jazzy Jeff urged all the artists there (and probably artists everywhere listening) to “die empty”. No sense in holding onto anything, so I put those songs on there just because. TBO & AML have been active this year so I didn’t want to force it into the release schedules, but I knew it had to come out this year to hit the 10 year mark. My birthday seemed like the right time to drop it. I also knew I wanted to go back to releasing some music under the name Buff1, this seemed like the right time for that too. So here it is, Buff1 - Ghosting II.

Mixed and Mastered by Magestik Legend for Legend Lab Studios except all “Ghosted” songs used for this mixtape were mixed by their original engineers, “Prototype Freestyle” song was mixed by Jay Fab for The Olympicks and “Mean” beat was mixed by Monsuun.

All Buff1 vocals recorded in Ypsilanti, Michigan by Buff1 except “Prototype Freestyle” recorded by Jezreel Santos at Traxside Studios in Ypsilanti, MI and “Mean” recorded by Big Tone in Detroit, MI

T. Calmese recorded his vocals himself in Detroit, MI.
Big Tone recorded his vocals himself in Detroit, MI.

Graphic Design by callmekyLA

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