Cargo Cults (Alaska, Zilla Rocca) - Nihilist Millennial

Cargo Cults is a collaboration between Alaska and Zilla Rocca.

The term “Cargo Cult” is a millenarian belief system in which adherents practice rituals which they believe will cause a more technologically advanced society to deliver goods. That is the spirit behind Nihilist Millennial.

We are living in a culture that practices daily rituals with the hopes that technology will deliver us from the hell we create for ourselves. We started this project in 2018, most of the lyrics were written during a still messy but similar time.

Since the album was recorded, the world has changed drastically but the concepts behind the album still hold firm. We are a lost culture looking for something or someone to save us. The young millennium has brought with it a nihilism that will be hard to change. There is no one out there to save us, no technology that is going to deliver the goods. We need to fix ourselves.

We need to be our own saviors, and no amount of wishful thinking will change that. Nihilist Millennial is the soundtrack for freeing yourself from a dead world view.

Produced & Mixed by Zilla Rocca @ The International Dart Parlour. Philadelphia, PA
Mastered by Cryptic One
Artwork by Geng for Purple Tape Pedigree

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