Casual - Big Head Science

Big Head Science is the latest release by Casual. Produced by Big Head Science, this album is an expansion on Casual’s contributions towards the advancement of wordplay and rhyme schemes in hip hop music.

Big Head Science is a new economic system for artist. With our nation facing recession Casual had been thinking of new ways for artist to support themselves. The new science of getting big heads (new money) in hip hop is a cooperative, all-inclusive, economic system where supporters can earn with the artist.

Anyone who shares this album and generates a sales lead earns $25. So Share it for the chance to earn. This is Big Head Science.

This 12 track album features Ghostface Killa, Killa Priest, Dwyane Wiggins, Planet Asia, TriState, Tajai, Phesto, Rame Royal and Izrell.

Available on all platforms May 1st, Big Head Science is available for purchase and for free streaming exclusively on Bandcamp now (4/20)!

For a single “Big Head” ($100), early supporters receive the Big Head Science album files for download instantly now for use before the album is released. Your funds will go to support a stronger release for Casual’s Big Head Science project.

Every $100 dollar supporters will receive the album with a bonus song, a video shout-out, a t-shirt, and a @mention from Casual via social media personally thanking you for your contributions to the Big Head Science release.

„Big Head Science can be streamed for free right now so I ain’t dangling a carrot in from of my supporter’s faces. I’m asking for support from the people who want to help my newest project be a success. That’s love. ‘ - Casual

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