Chris Crack - Just Gimme A Minute

This past summer’s standout album Being Woke Ain’t Fun placed Chris Crack’s name back into the conversation of artists to pay attention to. The project, released in late July, was his 4th full-length release of the calendar year, with fans & critics lauding his growth through each project. Today Crack returns with yet another project before the year closes out, one that’s slightly outside of the format you’re accustomed to expect from a hip hop album.

Just Gimme a Minute is a collection of short songs, all just about a minute in length, where Chris meshes cunning hip hop lyricism with crooning R&B. To aid with the rollout, he enlisted model/actor Cole Baker who crashes Chris’ pity-party in the official music video for one of the project’s standout tracks, “Lil Mama, Baby Mama, Sugar Mama”.

production by Stepchild, August Fanon, Cutta, Ugly Boy Modeling & Jimi Wingate.

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