Chuck Enzo - MOTHERBOX

Chuck Enzo is another entity of the ever morphing character that is King Kashmere of Strange U. Chuck has been a regular fixture on Group BraCil from its inception , whether it be the ambient and textured ‘Mobieus Chair’ on the early label sampler ‘Slow Motion Hairstyles’ or the Soulful knock on Verbz’s ‘Tight Rope’ released on ‘Pathways’ 2019.

The Chuck Enzo character is a place for Kashmere to expand upon production him and Group BraCil felt had a synergy with music they all grew up with. whilst exploring more current variations of the beat making. A perfect introduction to this is his otherworldly flips tape ‘Destructo Disc’.

Kashmere is no stranger to production either, manning the beats for all of the Gawd Status projects (with the occasional co pilot from DJ Jazz T) not to mention his work with artists across the globe.

Much like the supercomputer the title of the project stems from , Kasmere or in this case Chuck Enzo can jump between realities with ease but undeniable impact.

All Tracks Produced by Chuck Enzo AKA King Kashmere
All Tracks Mixed by Chuck Enzo except Tracks 1,5, 7 Mixed By Morriarchi & Chuck Enzo
Mastered by Morriarchi
Artwork by Matt Littler
Layout by SpectaculaR Diagnostics

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