COGNAC KINGZ (HIM LO, GIALLO POINT) - 86 Drug Deala Wardrobe

The supreme and impervious combination of HIM LO DA INAPPROPRIATE and GIALLO POINT well known az COGNAC KINGZ return with another ground breakin full length LP titled:
The song titlea and artwork reminiscent of the true golden era of fly B-BOY and HIP HOP vintage street wear that HIM LO still rocks and represent til this day..1986, his favorite era of fashion and style heavily inspired this bulletproof,granite solid album. Laced in a street hustla uniform the high level penmanship of HIM LO and the impeccable craftsmanship of GIALLO POINT always shine through whenever they create projects. A brooding atmosphere encapsulates from beginning to end. This album is limited to only one feature (CLEVER ONE) of DA BUZE BRUVAZ.
Once again its’ time to light a cigar and pour a glass of cognac while you treat your ears to the top tier flyness of the COGNAC KINGZ…CHEERS

All rhymes HIM LO except where noted. All beats and scratches by giallo point.

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