Cognac Kingz (Him Lo, Giallo Point) - EBENEZER MAXWELL (International Man of Leisure)

Back by popular demand HIM LO strikes again with his 6th solo project! “EBENEZER MAXWELL ( International Man of Leisure)” is the 3rd collaboration project Him Lo has cheffed up with producer extraordinaire GIALLO POINT and they have officially named their group the COGNAC KINGZ. These two together are like a modern day GANG STARR.Their chemistry is the perfect blend of ingredients laced with a myriad of herbs and spices to make the most flavorful dish in any kitchen.. This follows the persona of Ebenezer Maxwell an International Hero (or Villain) depending on the mission. He’s globetrotting, jet setting and always in the mix of high velocity adventures. Available on wax and CD(which includes 1 bonus track).. Get your forks n knives ready n prepare for a four-course meal with the complimentary desert included.

All rhymes by HIM LO

All production, scratches and cuts by GIALLO POINT

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