Copywrite - The High Exhaulted II - Scene One

2002 will be remembered by some as the year the Washington DC area was terrorized by two snipers, or the story of a young woman named Elizabeth Smart who was kidnapped and led authorities on a nationwide manhunt. In amongst all this madness, Copywrite released album The High Exhaulted on June 14th of that year. Now almost twenty years later Copywrite is following up his debut with its sequel.

Divided into two parts, Scene One and Two, The HIgh Exhaulted II features Copywrite, at the peak of his artistic prowess. Production from OH NO!, Swab, Dub Sonata, Stu Bangaz & Camu Tao laid the backdrop for Copywrite. Fellow Ohio emcee Fulio lays a verse on “Hot Iron” and Cannibal OX founding member Vordul Mega leaves an impact on the BLM-movement inspired song “Maintain.”

The time that passed has only made Copywrite sharper in his lyrical ability and nothing proves this better than “Have U Cena?”— a poisonous dart aimed directly at WWE superstar John Cena. Cena, who styled himself as a rapper in his wrestling alter-ego, factually bit one of Copy’s previous diss tracks, using the rhyme in an appearance on WWE’s Smackdown. Receipts are on full display on the track.

The album leaves the listener on a cliffhanger, which Copywrite will resolve next year for Scene Two. Scene One, releases 4/22/22 on Man Bites Dog Records.

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