Cousin Feo, Keor Meteor - The Repertoire

Over a decade in my personal vault, the crown jewel & debut LP “The Repertoire” is a storied project and true work of art that revisits earlier chapters of my life. Entirely produced by French hitman, Keor Meteor, the 10 track LP is more than just a trip down memory lane. Capturing a 24 hour day in 27 minutes, this project weaves together moments & events I’ve personally experienced or someone close to me has.

With a majority of the project crafted between 2011-2012, it was written during a crazy transition period for me. My cousin, who’s both on the cover & referenced throughout the music was locked up and on the verge of being released, my uncle was locked up (also on the cover) & I was personally going downhill into a deeper, darker & depressed state myself. Come ‘12, I moved back to LA from Santa Cruz, leaving behind a job & place to live, all to live at my moms while trying to pursue this rap shit. Ensues the chaos.

No job, no bread & little to no motivation, this project weaved itself together that same summer on some outer body experience type shit, restoring my faith in myself & my music. That all said, the project is here now. Promise you won’t hear or see another project dropped like this this year. This is storytelling & bar work at the highest of levels. Follow me…

Written & Performed by: Cousin Feo
Produced by: Keor Meteor
Cuts by: DJ Dubplates
Mixed & Mastered by: Corey Gipson
Artwork by: Martin Cervantes & Ryan “Despo” Moran

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