Cril - Growth and Balance

My debut Album is officially out! I originally thought that this was going to be an EP, but after careful calculating of the number of tracks that I recorded, including the alternate bonus track, and learning the project clocked in over 30 mins in just 9 tracks, I decided to go ahead and call this my album. The music on this Album is extremely special to me. It is special not only because it’s my first official album, but because I wrote, produced, performed, recorded and engineered the entire project. I honestly didn’t have the budget to pay for another engineer to work on this, so I did everything to my best of ability and liking in sound. I was highly inspired by the self sufficiency of other independent hip hop artists who I experienced putting out music in their raw and genuine form. I was really inspired to make my contribution from an artist perspective. Most people will know me from my Hip Hop Interview and Music Media platform “Out Da Box Media” and my Podcast “Out Da Box Talks”, but before the Podcasting, I started Emceeing back in High School, writing rhymes in my notepad and freestyling in the cafeteria and Hallways, I even put out an EP while I was in College but after college I didn’t record again for about 15 years. I always knew I would record again, but the self sufficiency to do it all on my own really excited me. The subject matter on “Growth and Balance” addresses a number of my thoughts and experiences throughout this year of 2021. Growth and Balance are 2 important virtues I strive for, although I am experiencing them throughout my journey of life so far. There is music on here that deals with achieving dreams, overcoming challenges, Love, Appreciation, Family and of course Growth and Balance. I hope that this music is inspirational to you the listener.

Album written, recorded and produced by Cril

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