DA BUZE BRUVAZ (Clever 1, Him-Lo), Giallo Point - Adebesi Hat Recut

Continuing their streak of impressive solo collaborations with Giallo Point, Da Buze Buvaz Adebesi Hat- Recut finds the producer reconstructing the seminal LP and crafting it into a unique, totally new project. Impeccably crafted, mixed and mastered this project is a treat for longtime fans and yet very accessible for new listeners. Giallo known for his lavishly grimy productions has also been busy of late working with a plethora of artists. Yet when he combines with Da Buze Bruvaz solo or collectively fans of hardcore HipHop already know to expect that rugged and raw unapologetic HipHop. Crack a bottle and enjoy! You’re in for a treat!

All production by Giallo Point

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