Darko the Super, Day Tripper - Stank You Kindly

“Stank You Kindly” but you gotta say it like Pops in Wayans Bros. This album’s produced by Day Tripper of The Difference Machine. I first met DT and the gang back when they were touring with Homeboy Sandman. To this day one of my favorite sets I’ve ever seen, right up there with The Spits at a skatepark in Philly. I took all these beats from various tapes on DT’s Bandcamp. Being the great friend that he is, he let me rock with em and I brought some friends along the way. There’s only one thing better than a Fatboi Sharif feature and that’s multiple Fatboi Sharif features. This album’s got that going for it. This is my Stankonia, just not nearly as good, and actually much worse, but I hope you enjoy it. A good amount of these verses and recordings are from a long time ago, pre pandemic even, in internet years that’s several decades. But it’s brand spanking new to you and wrapped up in incredible artwork by my good bud Harvey Cliff. I asked for a Funkadelic style cover, he said “say no more” then went ahead and made a god damn novel of artwork for each track. He’s a brilliant visionary so please get yourself the CD to experience it in person with your very own eyeballs. Love, your friend, Darko the Super.

All artwork by Harvey Cliff

Beats by Day Tripper

Mastering by Michael Southard

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