Defcee, BoatHouse - For All Debts Public and Private

The new album from Chicago rapper, Defcee, and Closed Sessions producer, BoatHouse. FADPP centers on being overlooked, undervalued, and underfunded. Threw boom bap inspired production, intricate wordplay, and compelling narratives, Defcee settles all ledgers. Few artists are rapping as technically and sonically sound as Defcee these days. BoatHouse, fresh off his acclaimed project with Mother Nature, provides the perfect backdrop for Defcee to get busy. Guest features include Armand Hammer, Mother Nature, Kipp Stone, SolarFive, and GreenSLLime.

Photos by Alexander Richter
Art Design by Darrell Krum
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Kolar @ SoundScape Studios
A&R’ed by Alexander “DJ RTC” Fruchter
Released via Closed Sessions

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