Defcee, Messiah Musik - Trapdoor

Cover photo and design: Alexander Richter

Mixed and Mastered by Willie Green at The GreenHouse Recording Co.
Assistant Engineer - Tevin Prince

All songs written by Defcee (A. Levin for Son of Hillel (ASCAP)) and Messiah Musik (D. Zunikoff), except where otherwise noted.

All Defcee verses recorded by Defcee at 126 ½ in Oak Park, IL.

Special thank-yous to our daughters, who share the same birthday, and that seems more like kismet than coincidence; to our wives, who encourage us to be the best artists we can possibly be as long as it doesn’t interfere with our fatherly and husbandly duties; to Willie Green and Tevin Prince, for taking a bedroom album and making it sound like it was forged in the same place where they made Thor’s hammer; to woods, Anton, and the team at Backwoodz for supporting this project from its inception in 2014 through its release, whose patience, belief, and investment in what we were doing kept the music from dying on the vine and allowed it to bloom into something even greater than we’d hoped it could be; to the guests who lent their considerable talents to this project: Henry Canyons, Convertible Ashley, Joshua Virtue, Freddie Old Soul, Alaska, Curly Castro (whose feedback helped bump the album’s rating up by at least one mic), PremRock, and Armand Hammer; to Alexander Richter for the AMAZING photos that adorn the front and back covers of the album; to Lamon Manuel, whose feedback and perspective inflated what was once a lead balloon into truly ascendant music; and to everyone who has supported our work over the years, as collaborators, customers, family members, and friends. We hope you enjoy the album, and we hope it rewards your faith.

Defcee & Messiah Musik

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