Deleteeglitch - Head Sized Wall Dents

frustration - that is to say with stagnation and not being heard, whether it be artistically or socially or even in a familial sense

it is so difficult for me to communicate with most anyone

i feel my wheels spinning to see no motion

Album art by burnin’ macaw (Cesar Donaire)

Written by Deleteeglitch unless features noted

Track 1 prod SH?MMY
Tracks 2, 6 prod Vice Vender
Tracks 3, 14 prod SadhuGold
Tracks 4, 5, 8, 12, 13 prod Deleteeglitch
Track 7 prod Ed Glorious
Track 9 prod Scoops
Track 10 prod Døøf
Track 11 prod Skully Cipriani

Mixed by Deleteeglitch
Mastered by Lil Hen

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