Demetrius Rhymes - Before It All Burns Down

Ours is a world that tells us we can be anything we want and does everything to make sure we never try. In his TDR debut, Demetrius Rhymes has shed the ADaD name that he’s used for every project before and decided to strip the music, the message, and himself down to a bare essence. “Before It All Burns Down” is a wake up call to the everyday dreamer.

The seven track release is inspired by the reality he’s endured in his journey from a South Side Chicago kid to an accomplished rapper and film maker. Starting with “Drifted”, a celebration of finding himself and shedding his attachment to approval, Demetrius explains his present state of mind and approach to life on a whole.

“Betta Betta” is a salutation to the independent spirit and a declaration to ensure that he only ever lives, loves and creates from a place of honesty and in a way that’s true to his heart. “All F’ed Up” is a story based on an actual event in his life where he collaborates with the legendary MC Blu to illustrate how a single mistake can derail your entire life. “Livit” reminds you that the skills are lethal and present but that you can still speak truth, love and progress in the process of barring up. “Shooters” takes a more serious turn, assuring youngsters that there are alternatives to taking a dark path and finding manhood through risking your life for affirmation, while “Nat Turner” features the renowned Awon and soul crooner Crl Crrll over an exquisite Slot-A production. The project ends with “Soul-Low”, a sad, honest song about a broken love… The part where the house caught fire.

Copyright © 2021 Tokyo Dawn Records
Label catalogue index: TDR21-002
Release date: August 23rd 2021
All rights reserved

All tracks written and performed by Demetrius Barry
Mastering by Jan Ohlhorst
Design by Matt Lyon

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