Eclyse (Hypogeal Sounds) - Peculiar Oeuvre

Welcome to a deep dive into this peculiar oeuvre. One of a troubled artist that isn’t scared to express visually immersive rhymes from a dark mental place. Laying down heavy material from the depths of the core of his soul to vent and express himself through music and art. The struggles are inevitable and the art allows the mind to paint pictures, literally and metaphorically for the listeners to experience the mind of the artist through words and art. The cover paints a dark picture which reflects in the context of each song. If you listen close enough and dissect each bar you will connect the words to the art and it will give you if anything, a glimpse into the existence of such a person. The art is different, the experience is one of a kind and the journey is one you must fully immerse yourself into to understand this artist. Brace yourself for a plunge into this Peculiar Oeuvre.

Rhymes: Eclyse

Production: Someone, Johnny Slash, Bizi Beats, The SOULution, Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha, Hazey82

Features, Ginsing & Glad2Mecha

Cover Art: Eclyse

Mixing & Mastering: Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha

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