Elcamino, 38 Spesh - Martyrs Prayer

Elcamino is one of the most important talents emerging from Buffalo, New York currently, and yet he’s still treated as the stepchild of Griselda. As with Benny The Butcher before him, he’s been quietly playing the background until it’s his time. However, considering the momentum he built in 2019 and what he has planned for 2020, that time might be right now.

After dropping his self-titled debut in early 2018, Camino appeared on almost every track on Benny’s “A Friend of Ours” EP the same year. He then followed that up with a strong sophomore effort titled “Walking On Water.” In 2019 the baby-faced Buff rapper dropped his third LP, “Don’t Eat The Fruit,” the well-received “Lot and Abraham” EP, a joint project with Dutch beat architect Oh Jay titled “Where’s My Pyrex?,” and finished the year strong with his “Elcamino 2” album.

You would think that would be enough to start getting on the media’s radar, but as to not leave anything to chance, he just dropped yet another album today titled “Martyrs Prayer.” This offering is fully produced by in-demand multi-hyphenate 38 Spesh. The sole feature on the record is by the buzzing Trust Army lieutenant Che Noir on a track titled “2K20.”

produced by 38 Spesh
Executive produced by 38 Spesh

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