Empuls - Astronaut Visions

In 2020 Empuls and label owner R.M.L. would come together and start framing out the ideas and concepts of what would become “Astronaut Visions”. Once topics had been put forward, it was vital to find the matching production. R.M.L. reached out to a variety of producers some on the label and some who had worked with the label before. Quickly the album morphed into a collection of insanely talented artists all putting forth their best work. Reaching out and getting the featured artists was also equally organic. Time was taken to make the album, please take the time to consume it.

Mixed and Mastered by Kount Fif
A&R R.M.L.
Produced by Empuls & R.M.L.
Executive Produced by Empuls & R.M.L.

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