Eric Bobo, Stu Bangas - Empires

These two bonded over their shared passions for sound, rhythm and beats. Each member brings a unique musical aesthetic to the project, laying the foundation for the heartiest list of features on an album since Lyricist Lounge. Check out the features list below!

This compilation project is stacked with the who’s who of lyricists:

Mr. Lif
DJ Rhettmatic
Vinnie Paz
RJ Payne
Pharoahe Monch
Psycho Les
DJ Ethos
Khujo Goodie
Lonnie Lyle
The Wordsmith
Rob Markman
Nowaah The Flood
Lord Goat
Krazy Race
Rakaa Iriscience
Celph Titled
Ill Bill
Sick Jacken
Huero Diablo
Mercy Collazo

Produced by: Eric Bobo + Stu Bangas
Mixed by: Fredrico “C-Sik” Lopez
Mixed at The Drug Lab
Mixed by Fredrico “C-Sik” Lopez
“Another One For The Books” Mixed by Apathy
Mastered by: Steve Francis of Stush Music
Engineer: Skinny Pablo, Fredrico “C-Sik” Lopez, Eric Bobo, John Taitano Phillips, Jeremy Page, Murci Bouscayrol
Cover Art by: Damion Scott
Empires Logo by: Vincent Fontaine
Project Management: Josh Mayer for soundbyte Management
Recorded in Los Angeles, Ca., San Antonio, Tx., Buenos Aires, Arg., Atlanta, Ga., New York, NY., Boston, Mass., Toronto, Canada

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