Fatboi Sharif, Bigg Jus - Insomniac Missile Launcher

Insomniac Missile Launcher:

Dazed and confused by the chaos activated as a lesson learned that was put on the chess board decades ago, souls and spirit have been tested against traded info for the arrogance and hope for wealth and protection.
Invaded by a cyber terrorist plot of pain, power and destruction..

Grimy Squadron Grow A Garden:

My laptop has taken our temperature for years now and the symptoms keep spreading and hysteria full effectiveness underlying camera clone recording your family tree roots transferred towards mud circles of police invasion, mental illness and the public’s thirst for blood..

Ghost Story:

Body broken down through particles of influence but spirit towered the tree tops and entered space
I’m home now at peace with my written word
Scripts enchanted for next offsprings to analyze as well as activate final costs of peace and leadership
Energy through time
Adjacent shadows on the run
Green eyes glow blood stains
Wearing a charm bracelet


With everyday we learn something new and seesaw evidence of positive vs. negative taken into perspective of past situations all aboard a distance journey of savior or to be saved, voice box enhanced holding hands for the faculty
Come on this journey but stay vigilant mentally open by foreshadow decision grants of golden swarm fantasy
Delivered across rose peddle thorns kept captive

Lyrics written and performances by: Fatboi Sharif & Bigg Jus

Production: Justoleum Kingspitter

Mixed by: Justoleum Kingspitter & Driveby

Recorded at: Silverback Mountain & 2nd St. Studios

Mastered by: Willie Green at The Greenhouse

Artwork: Shane Ingersoll

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