Flatbush Zombies - now, more than ever

to our fans. to our family.

we are going to keep this simple because time is precious right now. there is a fight going on outside. they are coming for our hearts, minds, and souls. black bodies are under attack.

flatbush is for the people. always has been. always will be. if you’ve listened to our music, you know our mission. we began this story almost a decade ago, preaching a message we felt was necessary. all three of us have spoken out and struggled against racism. it pains us to see the things we’ve mentioned in our music still vividly present in 2020.

we decided to release this ep a few months ago to get our fans through a pandemic. in the past week the pandemic has turned into a battle. this music was made for you. it was released with you in mind. use it to start an evolution.

we are an independent rap group that depends on streams, merch, and touring to survive in a system that is designed to take advantage of black artists. covid-19 has fucked us up in more ways than we can count. none of that shit matters right now.

it’s time for each one of us to find a way to step up. this is how our family can show up right now. we have three thousand pieces of merch to sell for this ep. if we sell every piece of merch, we can generate over $100,000 in one day.

from those merch sales will be equally split and donated to three foundations working to help change our world right now. we are organizing and strategizing how we can affect change on the largest scale possible with your help. stand with us or stand somewhere else.

now, more than fucking ever.

we love you. erick juice meech


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