HeiR - Urban Birthmark

HeiR drops ‘Urban Birthmark,’ a deep, 10-track album that solidifies his place as a substantive new voice in hip-hop. “Urban birthmark is another word for ‘hood culture,’ HeiR explains. “It’s in our genetics… our style, the slang, fashion and the trials and tribulations we all endure coming up from poverty. Hip-hop, our language, is how I decided to give my diagnosis of our ‘Urban Birthmark’.” Atop lush, tight production, the Alameda, CA-based rapper delivers rhymes that effortlessly flow from confessional to confrontational. Includes features from West Coast icon Planet Asia (“House of Pain”) and M80 (“Almighty M80”).

“Urban Birthmark is more than a album it’s a lifestyle. It’s our history and culture. That is why HeiR is choosing one lucky fan who purchases the album, to recieve HeiR’s personal ancestry chart. You will be able to see his bloodline and can research his Urban Birthmark. Your email will be chosen at random and you will recieve a personal email from HeiR himself.”

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