Homeboy Sandman - I Can't Sell These

I rap because it’s magic not because I can sell it. It so happens that lots of times I can sell it and that’s cool and thanks those of y’all who buy it. But when I hear a Paquito D’Rivera song just crying to be rapped over I’m not going to fight the feeling just because I don’t know how to reach out to Paquito to get the clearance. Turns out there’s enough people I don’t know how to reach out to for a mixtape. Thrown in there are a couple of songs produced by folks I do know but still can’t sell because art and money make for strange bedfellows. One is the realest thing in existence and the other is the fakest. That being the case I’m not at all upset at all that I can’t sell these songs. I’m just very happy that you can still listen to them.

Artwork by Gangster Doodles
Mixed and mastered by Darko The Super

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