ILL Conscious, Marshtini - Import Export

Import Export is a project orchestrated by renowned Baltimore emcee, ILL Conscious and Norwegian producer, Marshtini from the super group, Loop.Holes. With Kool DJ KC Fly on the cuts, this EP will take you on a journey of classic Boom Bap with thought provoking rhymes.

This project was slated to be released in 2016 and eventually stayed unreleased. However, the demand for the project has been so high that we decided to get it out to the true supporters before the LP, Acres of Diamonds drops. We think you all will truly enjoy this project from start to finish.


feat. Omnia Azar - Raff Alpha - Akilah Divine - Norm Regular - Candice Van Beauty

Big shout out to my brother Yonte Richardson for carrying the theme with the post dialogue after the tracks and s/o to my brothers Big Marcus Simpkins & Last Born Child for the inspiration and motivation during the time frame of creating this project.

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