Illa J - No Traffic

Enter the realm of Illa J, the musical force shaking the foundations of the industry. His latest offering, ‘No Traffic’, is a testament to his boundless talent and versatility, showcasing his singing, production and rapping abilities on 19 tracks written and produced entirely by Illa J himself. This album marks his debut on BBE Music and a new chapter in his musical journey.

Meet Illa J: a musical prodigy raised in a family of talented musicians. With a jazz bassist father and a gifted singer mother, it’s no surprise that Illa J was destined for greatness. He’s best known as the younger brother of hip-hop legend J Dilla and has made a name for himself as a former member of Detroit’s iconic hip-hop group, Slum Village. With a lifetime of exposure to quality music and top-tier musicians, Illa J is a force to be reckoned with.

Created amidst the chaos of the pandemic, Illa J’s ‘No Traffic’ serves as a beacon of hope, a roadmap for creatives seeking their path. He enlists the help of Detroit legends Amp Fiddler, Frank n Dank, British soul sensation Harleighblu, and introduces the rising stars of Detroit, Serious, Joz B, Maine Soul, and more, all matching Illa J’s energy and passion on the tracks.

The focus track of the album, “Star Struck”, is a prime example of Illa J’s signature style. The astral pentatonic soundscape and precise drum programming transport you to new heights, while Illa J’s beats, melodies, and bars will leave you in awe.

‘No Traffic’ is a musical journey that takes you to a place where Illa J’s playful and versatile sound reigns supreme. The album is expertly mastered by Grammy-award nominated The Carvery Studio and is a refreshing experience of a true artist reveling in their artistry. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to delve into Illa J’s musical realm.”

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