Indigo Klan (Anti-Lilly, Devante Hunter, GodKing Preach) - Over The Woods

Indigo Klan is a collective of independent creatives based in Houston, Texas established in 2018. Music brought us all together, brotherhood is what keeps together. Our rules are our own; our competition is a reflection in the mirror. To be Indigo is to be at peace with yourself; much love to everyone for taking this journey with us.

This album is dedicated to all of our loved ones who couldn’t be here in the physical with us today. Over The Woods is a state of mind we maintain coming from the underground. It’s hard to see your path thru the trees; so change the way you view that path. Vibrate Higher.

  • Indigo Klan

Special Thanks: The Creator, Felix Melendez, Jarele Taylor, Camron Bradford.

Artwork by - Ian McGinley
Mastering by- Cut And Boost Mastering

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