Indigo Phoenyx - Call me Billie

Indigo Phoenyx unlocks a new alter ego named Billie .The project features Foul Al and new Rugged Triad members Bannah and Streetz. The production is from various burgeoning producers such as $aveme, True Cipher , Brandneu 2oona Goldfingz and Triad Producers Kwenu and K Dero. The versatile and menacing soundscape is an invigoarting listening experience which includes a message from hip hop icon Spliff Star. Queen of the Grimy Billie ascends to the top of the mountain surpassing nay sayers and advesaries to take her place as G.O.A.T

“I wouldnt have met most of these amazing producers if it weren’t for
A.P.. Da Overlord so this is dedicated to the god. Thank you for the connects inspiration and the new outlook on work ethic .’

Producers:True Cipher, $aveme, Kwenu, 2oona, Brandneu, K Dero , Goldfingz, Russian Futurist
Features; Foul Al ,Bannah, Streetz
mixed by Saveme , Foul Al Bannah
Art by Indigo Phoenyx/
Rugged Triad Records

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