Infinito 2017 - Carefully Fed Daily Dosages of Self Awareness

Carefully Fed Daily Dosages of Self Awareness, Them who steal land have displayed endless hatred towards those labeled Black and often called people of color but when they watch them colored play inside sporting events and staged entertainment they watch Black People like property. Black people are carefully fed daily dosages of self awareness as confidence. A Colonial Oppressor in crisis situations should teach Black People they have no place in Colonial Oppressors fantasy world. I’m a Black Artist, matter fact I’m a Pro Black anti Colonial Oppressor, Actually a Pan African, African, Black Love. I’m an, I love Black People Artist. You should never work or desire to be accepted by colonial oppressors. You are nothing if you are accepted by Colonial Oppressors. The only true failures in life are those that assimilate and conform. Conditioning has convinced captives of labor that their lives matter. The Euro-centric Art World is just as corrupt as a car dealership to a check to check black person. It’s no law inside Colonial Oppression worth Following, the wealthiest colonizers on the globe will pay for the world’s atrocities but will not repair the damage they’ve cause Black People on the settlement they’ve claimed to be their own. In a society where a group has failed to be beneficial to another group, always be aware of what’s next (patterns inside capitalism and a power). Always hold yourself to the same high standards you hold others; my job is to remain in complete resistance. Black People work as labor inside a Capitalist oppression that prohibits them from functioning equally. People designed as crayons are Colorful Wards of the State. Never Chase your Colonial Oppressors dreams you will never wake up, you have done nothing in life, until you do something that doesn’t look to gain acceptance from your oppression. Congress needs to pass a 900 Trillion Dollar Reparations Bill for Black People and the immediate release of African Captives of a genocidal holocaust. Education: History teaches as long as those labeled Anglo, Caucasus or those of Euro descendants have any type of power in the greater world; this world will have negative, depressive conflict, major problems of misery and despair. #75dab

Engineer: vortx of distorsun Watts, CA
Digitizer: Underground Feed Back Stereo Chicago, IL
Recorded at: South DeKalb Mall, GA and Castalia Heights, TN
Mixed by Underground Feed Back Stereo Chicago, IL
Sounds provided by: Personal Opinion Database [Casting Show] Inglewood, CA
Producer: Undollasun
Art by Nappy9folics

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