Infinito 2017 - Unwilling To Drink Dirty Water

They want you to drink polluted water and live inside dwellings with lead based paint. They spread poison in the atmosphere and ask you to breathe in! We are fed stressed out animals and work as Underpaid characters for entertainment. Would you trust someone who oppressed you your entire life? You work and end up being held as a political pawn by your oppressors. You entertain and they ask you stupid questions about what you post online. Strange fruit hang in Mississippi land of king cotton on endless enslavement terrorism on plantations in just about every county. Chem trails screaming run away flee buck back aiming for the white sheets. Accepting Capitalism, poor Communication, lacking Comprehension are not great skills. Classicism is not a victory lap in a war on your existence. No more of their negative confessions! This is a continuation of Disciplined Rainwater Endless Awareness Mathematical Model with production from Undollasun, Dion Brown and iLLsugi. You must know, All lyrics by Infinito 2017 with Arrangements by Planit Travelin Black Nubians and vortx of distorsun. Don’t be an alcoholic, always remain positive and educate children properly so they can grow, we make positive Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Afro beat and Black Music for conscious vibes.Peace!

Copyright 2023 Joe Left Hand Records
Producers appear courtesy of themselves
Recorded in Helena, Arkansas and watts, ca
Arranged by Planit Travelin Black Nubians
Mixed by vortx of distorsun
recorded oct 26th 2022

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