J-Zone - Fish-n-Grits

In loving memory of my grandmother, Edith “Evil E” Mumford, who passed away during the manufacturing of this album. Also dedicated to all my relatives, both alive and deceased.

Produced and Conceived by J-Zone
Executive Producer: Chief Chinchilla

All songs: J. Mumford / J-Zone Music (ASCAP), except:

“Clubba Lang” and “Dreamcrusher”: J.Mumford, A. Sesay-Harrell / J-Zone Music (ASCAP), Al-Shid Music (ASCAP)

“Coupe de Ville”: J. Mumford, A. H. Sabreen / J-Zone Music (ASCAP), Resolution Zero (ASCAP)


J-Zone: Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Moog, Organ, Bass, and Scratches
Chief Chinchilla: Vocals
Swagmaster Bacon: Vocals
Al-Shid: Vocals
Has-Lo: Vocals
Ray May: Congas
Pablo Martin: Guitar
Justin Asher: Synths
Hot Sugar: Additional Guitars
Prince Paul: Additional Vocals
The Rap Squeegeemen: Additional Vocals
Stef Nava: Additional Vocals

Recorded and mixed by J-Zone in a Basement in Jamaica, Queens
Mastered by Pablo Martin
Design: James Blackwell (@jzanaught)

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