Jay Royale - Criminal Discourse


If you are aware of JAY ROYALE as an artist then you should already be prepared to be taken on another cinematic journey! In this 3rd installment to what has already been and exciting run, Jay explores the evolution of the (trap phone) & it’s importance to the streets since the beginning! “Coming from the home of the wire I felt it was important to tap into the communication of the streets from the PAYPHONE all the way to the wire taps & everything in between”. The project also features AZ Havoc of Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, Styles P from The Lox, Saigon, and Willie the Kid! Enough Said! Definite top 10 of the year so far!

Artist: Jay Royale Styles P AZ Havoc Of Mobb Deep Saigon Kool G Rap Willie The Kid

Producers: Ray Sosa Crown Buon Anni Stu Bangas BeatelJouss S Eyes Finest Alcapella J Depina J Soul

Dj’S: Dj Grazzhoppa Dj Crypt Dj Eclipse

Executive Produced By Munch & Kevin Ogun Beasley of ARS Recording Studios & Bask One of Beneath The Underground
Engineers: Mixed and mastered By Andrew Downton Of Railtown Mastering & Pete Twist Boiler Room Studios

Art Design: Trevor Lang

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